The Ministry of Forestry and Research (MoFR) is the main instituion responsible for promoting sustainable forest management in the country. its key functions include; monitoring, auditing and inspection of logging operations and shipments and improving coordination and information-sharing with customs and the CBSI.

It is also responsible for the enforcement of existing foresrty legislations such as the Forest Resources and Timber Utiliisation Act and the Code of Logging Practice, overseeing the drafting, enacting and implementing of the proposed new forestry legislations and policies.

That said, placing a moratorium on issuing of new logging licences is a function that is not always easy as the country is heavily dependent on log exports.

Furthermore, the MoFR also supports reforestation programs such as the family-based reforestation initiatives, community-based portable and small-scale sawmilling and ecotimber production, all of which are aimed at preserving the country's forest resources and biodiversity.

The REDD+ Implementation Unit-RIU (MoFR).

 The key functions of the RIU are to: 

1. Lead REDD+ Implementation within Solomon Islands;
2. Organize awareness raising events and consultation meetings with stakeholders;
3. Provide Training on REDD+ to relevant stakeholders on REDD+ issues;
4. Act as the secretariat to the National REDD+ Committee (NRC);
5. Develop and Implement the Solomon Islands' National Monitoring System; and
6. Report to the CCD of the MECDM on forest carbon stocks and emissions. 

The diagram below highlights the management arrangements of REDD+ Implementation and Reporting in the country. 

National REDD+ Management Arrangement