Objective of Study Tour

The overall objective of the study tour is to:

Increase awareness of the potential national level REDD+ architecture, how this can be developed and what challenges need to be overcome.

More specifically it is hoped that the study tour will help key stakeholders understand a number of key policy and operational areas including:

  • How to balance interest project level voluntary market interests and approaches to REDD+ at the national level
  • What structures are appropriate for managing interest in voluntary carbon initiatives?
  • How can pilot sites inform national policy development?
  • How to ensure a project developer is a genuine business?
  • How structures and systems for monitoring a national framework of safeguards can be developed and maintained

From the tour, knowledge and ideas have been gained prompting better understanding of:

  1. How a system of safeguards has been developedand which agencies are responsible for it?
  2. The key stakeholders involved REDD+ implementation
  3. How to develop approaches to REDD+ that are able to work with customary landowners
  4. How to arrange benefit sharing and cost sharing with landowners in REDD+ development?
  5. How to balance landowner interest in logging with interest in forest carbon?
  6. How to address forest carbon rights and landowner rights?
  7. The importance of grievance mechanisms and how to develop them.

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